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Do you want to become a model or work as an actor or as an extra? At casting agency Moederannecasting we are always looking for new faces for photography, commercials, company films. We're looking for people between 0 and 100 years old. Sign up yourself or your child today. Registration can only be done via this website.

New talent for photography, commercials and films

Models, actors, semi-actors, extras – moederannecasting is looking for new talent of all ages for different assignments. We distinguish four casting groups:

• Children from 3 months to 3 years. For this group we regularly have interesting assignments. Sign up your child here.

• Children from 4 to 17 years. With 35 years of experience in casting, we are the casting agency for children in this age group. Sign up your kid here.

• Actors. Do you have a completed acting school? Did you follow acting workshops? Or do you have a resume with a lot of experience as an actor? Sign up here.

• Adults (18 years and older). Even if you don't have experience or training as an actor, you can also register with our casting agency. Have you ever wanted to become a model? Or to experience the life of an actor? Or maybe work as an extra? This is your place. You can register online.

Tip: Before you register, please read our terms and conditions.


Enrolling in Moederannecasting is a reliable choice. Why?

As a future model, actor or extra, you want to register with a reliable and renowned casting agency. At Moederannecasting we have been mediating between clients, actors and models for over 35 years. No less than 8,000 models and actors between the ages of 0 and 100 are registered with us. Our team casts men, women and children every day for photography, commercials and (company) films. In addition, there are several trendy fashion brands that book models through us.

What can Moederannecasting use you for?

From the moment we have included your photos in our casting file and/or model portfolio and have registered your appearance, address details, telephone numbers etc., We can call you an actor, model, semi-actor or extra. How does that work?


Photography: getting started as a photo model

Our casting team can call you to tell you that our client is taking an 'option' on you. The client wants to be make sure that you will be available as a model on a certain date. The client also wants to hear if you would like to work for this assignment. Good to know:

• We will always inform you whether or not the option will become a definite booking.

• Please note that an option is not always converted into a booking.

• It often happens that an assignment takes place immediately the next day or a few days later. Be aware of this if you want to become a model or an actor.

Casting for commercials, corporate and feature films

• Before you can play in a commercial, feature or corporate film, you have to do a casting. Our casting team will then call you, along with other actors and models, for a video screening test called the casting. Good to know:

• You don't get paid for a casting.

• When you appear at the casting, you agree to the proposed earnings for the casting day(s), buy-out and other appointments. We will draw up a contract for these earnings.

• If we are told who will receive the final assignment, we will inform everyone about this.


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