Register as an adult with Moederannecasting

Are you over eighteen, do you have modelling or acting aspirations, but no acting education or experience? No problem. Also then you can register at Moederannecasting. For example, as an adult model. As one of the larger casting agencies in The Netherlands, we are well known by photographers and filmmakers in The Netherlands. Registering as an adult model, semi-actor, extra or noble figure is quickly arranged here on the site. Below are the rules of the game.

Sign up? Only with good photos!

At Moederannecasting we like to be clear about our way of working. If you want to register as a model, semi-actor or extra, make sure you have photos that meet these requirements.

  • Provide at least four, but no more than seven recent portrait photos in colour:
    • At least 3 photos that make you smile
    • At least 1 photo of your entire body
    • Possibly a number of photos with different facial expressions
  • The photos must have a minimum size of 1 MB and a maximum size of 5 MB per photo/jpg file.
  • Take the photos inside and make sure the background is even.

What do we do with your application as an adult model?

Have you filled in the registration form completely and submitted the correct photos? Then our casting team will look at your application. You will receive a response within three weeks.

Can we register you as a model, semi-actor or extra? Then we invite you for an introductory interview and a photo shoot. The costs of the shoot are 25 euros. On top of that we charge an amount of 25 euros for administration costs. During the shoot we will take digital photos which we will include in our file. Four of them will be placed on our website. The photos in our computer system are and remain the property of Moederannecasting.

Provide up-to-date photos

As one of the larger casting agencies in the Netherlands, we want our clients to have access to recent photographic material. That is why we have new photos taken every other year. You can do that at our office for 20 euros. With recent photos you increase the chance of being selected as an adult model and avoid disappointment.