How to register your baby or toddler with Moederannecasting

Is your baby over three months old? Or do you have a toddler who is less than three years old? Our casting agency regularly looks for baby models, toddlers and toddlers for photography and film assignments. Would you like to register your baby or your toddler? You can do that online on this site. But first read the rules of the game.

Baby or toddler sign up? You need to know this:

At casting agency moederannecasting we don’t like misunderstandings. That’s why we list all the rules for registering your baby or toddler here.

  • We register baby models when they are three months or older.
  • Most assignments take place in Amsterdam and surroundings. If you live further away than 30 km, you can register your baby, but keep in mind that you will have to travel.
  • Through the online registration form we ask you to provide photos and personal details of your baby or toddler. Good photos are important. The requirements can be found further on this page. Read them carefully.

At Moederannecasting, we strive to avoid any misunderstandings. That’s why we’ve outlined all the registration rules for your baby or toddler here:

We accept registrations for baby models when they are three months or older.

Most assignments are located in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. If you reside more than 30 km away, you’re still welcome to register your baby, but please be aware that travel may be required.

When filling out the online registration form, we’ll request photos and personal details of your baby or toddler. High-quality photos are crucial, so please ensure they meet the specified requirements outlined further on this page. Take the time to review them carefully.

What we do with the registration of your baby or toddler

Have you filled in the registration form completely and submitted the correct photos? Then our casting team will look at your application. If we expect sufficient assignments for your child as a baby model or toddler model, we will proceed to registration. You will receive a response within four weeks.

If we do register your child, you will receive more information about our working methods and the industry. For the registration we charge a one-off administration fee of 30 euros. This is also stated in the letter you will receive after registration.

Your baby as a baby model or as a toddler model? Make sure you have good photos

In order for photographers and directors to make a good choice from all baby models and toddler models, good photos are important. Therefore, make sure that your child’s photos meet the following requirements:

  • Provide a minimum of four, and a maximum of seven, portrait photos in colour:
    • At least 3 photos showing your baby or toddler smiling
    • Possibly different facial expressions for older children
    • At least 1 photo of the entire body
  • The photos must have a minimum size of 1 MB and a maximum size of 5 MB per photo/jpg file.
  • Take the pictures inside against a plain background.
  • Opt for plain clothes and not crowded prints. Let your child wear different sets.
  • Does your girl have long hair? If possible, show different hairstyles (loose/fixed).
  • Do not use hats, sunglasses…
  • Do not photograph naked bodies.
  • Make sure your face is clean.
  • Are you registering more children in your family? Then take a group photo of the children together.

Attention: moederannecasting only works with good and up to date photos

Wrong photos that do not meet the requirements will not be evaluated and will be deleted automatically. It is also important to regularly mail new photos of your child. A child develops quickly and clients expect recent photo material of your baby or toddler. If we don’t receive updates, then we eventually unsubscribe your child without consulting you. So make sure you fill in ur updateform trought the website.

Examples of the right casting photos

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