Register your child as a child model with Moederannecasting

Is your child between the ages of four and seventeen? Register him or her at Moederannecasting. For many photographers and directors we are the first point of contact when they are looking for a child model for their photography or film assignments. Would you like to register your child as a model at Moederannecasdting? You can easily do that on this site. But first read the rules below.

Register your child as a child model? You should know this:

Moederannecasting’s casting team loves clarity. That’s why we apply a number of rules when registering your child between the ages of four and seventeen.

  • We ask you to provide a minimum of four, and a maximum of seven recent portrait photos in colour:
    • A minimum of three photos showing your child smiling
    • At least 1 photo from head to toe
    • Possibly a number of photos with different facial expressions
  •  The photos must have a minimum size of 1 MB and a maximum size of 5 MB per photo/jpg file.
  •  Take the photos indoors against a plain background.

What we do after the registration of your child

Have you filled in the registration form completely and submitted good photos of your child? Then our casting team will look at your application. You will receive a response within three weeks.

If we do register your child as a model, we will make an appointment for an introductory meeting and a photo shoot. The costs are 30 euros. During the shoot of a new children’s model, we take digital photos which we include in our file. We place four of them on our website. The photos in our computer system are property of Moederannecasting.

Have your child photographed every six months

As the children’s modelling agency of the Netherlands, we have a name to uphold. That’s why we like to keep all pictures up to date. We therefore ask you to send a full update of the photos and data every six months to You can also have new photos taken of your child at our office. The costs for this are 20 euros. With recent photos you increase the chance that your child will be selected as a child model. Child models whose photos are not regularly updated can be unsubscribed without consultation.